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Dayan Abrante Hernández, born in 1989 in Havana, Cuba, has been driven by creativity since childhood, exploring handmade crafts, drawing, sculpting, and various plastic arts. In 2011, he embarked on his professional art journey by enrolling at San Alejandro's Plastic Arts Academy, specializing in drawing, painting, and sculpting. Following graduation, he became a sculpture teacher for children at Jose A. Díaz Peláez workshop in Vedado, La Habana. Simultaneously, Dayan pursued a College degree in Restoration Sciences at Instituto Superior de Arte, graduating in 2017.

In 2016, he delved into the fascinating world of artistic body tattooing, applying his extensive knowledge of plastic arts to the canvas of skin. With nearly 7 years of continuous learning in methods, techniques, and tools, Dayan has excelled in various tattoo styles, including American Traditional, Geometric, fine lining, new traditional, full color, and realism. Despite his accomplishments, Dayan sees himself as an eternal learner, consistently striving to enhance his skills and achieve better results with each passing day.

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