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Mercedes Bravo


Bravo Tattoo Studio's owner is an expert in portrait realism tattooing. With a deep passion for the craft and a commitment to excellence, our studio specializes in bringing faces to life on skin. Their skill and dedication ensure that each portrait is a unique and stunning piece of art. Experience the mastery of portrait realism at Bravo Tattoo Studio.

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Dayan Abrante

Meet the talented tattoo artist at Bravo Tattoo Studio, specializing in a diverse range of styles. From vibrant color to intricate tribal designs and the timeless elegance of black and gray, our artist brings a versatile skill set to every ink session. With an eye for detail and a passion for creativity, they ensure that each tattoo is a personalized masterpiece. Elevate your ink game with Bravo Tattoo Studio's artist, where expertise meets artistry.

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